As the name implies, MurderDance wants to violently end concepts and norms in the Contemporary Dance world.

From the very beginning, we strive to tackle taboo topics in an extreme nature.  Because of our background in MOSH pits, our group pushes the audience very aggressively, sometimes literally, to create an over the top, extreme, exhilarating thrill ride.  

Zakk Varnedoe was artificially inseminated with bear and pig DNA as a child.  Through a sick and twisted science experiment, this Boy-Bear-Pig was raised in a traditional Americana household.  Endowed with many genetic superpowers, he was also cursed with extreme bouts of psychopathy. Upon many police arrests, the problem of raising a Boy-Bear-Pig into a Man-Bear-Pig became apparent.  The family, with help from scientists facilitating the experiment, turned to the arts; and in particular dance. Ballet seemed to be the only thing that could, for lack of a better term, ‘soothed the beast.’ Soon after, the artist began to grow.

The public did not accept the abomination.  The only colleges that would allow such a monster onto their campus’, where in Florida.  After receiving it’s diplomas from Florida State University and Sante Fe College, this Man-Bear-Pig now resides as a NYC based artist.  


That’s the bulls*** mother f***** things that society wants you to think is dangerous, but it ain’t motherf***** s*** is it!? Is it really s***? What’s really dangerous? What they tell you [to be].




Emily K. Wolfe - Dancer

Maurice Alban -Musician

Carlos Jaramillo -Musician


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