What is Dangerous?


Violent sex is Avant Garde Modern Dance and Rock n Roll compiled into one experience,  Furthermore this work should be performed for both audiences (Rockers and Dancers) at their perspective venues (Theaters and Grungy rock bars). The Mosh Pit is a metaphor representing the bedroom; linking aggressive contact to sexuality.  Even though, a Pit seems destructive, it is actually controlled violence. The appearance of anger is a dangerous and fun role play. The movement vocabulary is a combination of Pit moves and Lead singer dances and antics. Furthermore, Mosh dance has been a codified movement in the underground for over 30 years. The soloist/front man is sadist “Dom” (Dominant to Submissive) trying to reconcile the primal feelings with cultural norms.  How can we as a culture overcome shame and embarrassment centered around emasculating, defiling, degrading sexual pleasures?

With this work, MurderDance plans to use this as a template to propose a new male heterosexuality.  Viewing all men on stage is a strong dose of testosterone...BUT, Can male heterosexuality be feminine?  RuePaul has said “Drag ... at its core it’s a social statement and a big f-you to male-dominated culture. So for men to do it, it’s really punk rock, because it’s a real rejection of masculinity.”


Part 1 -- Arousal Music score- I WANNA LOVE by MurderDance (Punk)

Part 2 -- Consent/Shame

Part 3 -- Orgasm(violent) Music Score- Heart in front of a Gun

Part 4 -- Orgasm(soft release)


CensorSH**— A Proclamation for the Profane — Using Inappropriate Ideas, Appropriately

What is CensorShip?? Censorships are the acts of adjusting, editing, banning, or altering products, expressions, or items considered to be elicit, unlawful, lewd, or objectionable in nature with regard to the setting in which they exist.

Censorsh** is a slap in the face to common decency and social norms.  Profanity and obscenities become a rhythmic soundscape to shameful movements and taboo topics.  This dance is evidence that offensive ideas can be used effectively to question “What should we censor, if anything?”  Through a mix media approach, this work draws in the audience with fun facts, news castings and dramatized scenes to accommodate the dance.  Tension can arise whenever tackling complex and convoluted topics. This work allows the viewers to reconcile their preconceived notions on language and nudity in a playful way.  Reminiscent of childhood curiosity in the taboo, this work encourages you to laugh and poke fun at what is normal.  Censorship is a tool intended to shape the culture.  I believe our cultures taboos and restrictions are misallocated.  This work is evidence that deplorable language, nudity, and sex are not as dangerous as formerly depicted.  I believe people have a defense mechanism entwined into our DNA. That mechanism is othering. Humans will find any reason to create differences between one another.  I believe this should be censored and illegal.

Barack Obama said "I like the rule of law, democracy, competency and facts. Those things aren't partisan but they also don't happen automatically ...Democracy is a garden that has to be tended.” [or censored]

Section Breakdown

Part 1 - focuses on what types of communication and language are appropriate. Should we censor sexuality and pregnancy from children? Why do people want to censor shameful histories and yet are fascinated by vulgar acts?  When are vulgar words cathartic and when are they harmful?

Part 2 - explores the physical body and sex. Can you desexualize the naked body? How can the ‘pleasure’ of sex be both empowering and abusive? What happens when we lose the power of choice over our bodies?


“I Love you to Death / To Kill is to Cum” — Murderous Marauders and Mayhem

This work is a wild ride into the macabre. Violence and Sex take the stage in gruesome and gory depiction of love.  This bloody narrative depicts two, very evil individuals finding love in the darkest of places. They express themselves through extreme displays of pain and pleasure.  Why do we get off on violence? In the nature vs. nurture lens, are serial killers made or born? T.V viewers get off to Murder Porn shows like Law and Order and we fantasize over criminal films like Scarface.  This dance tries to make since of these murderous and violent tendencies that are prolific in our culture. Equipped with giant knives, this diabolic duo terrorize with the threat of bodily harm. This jubilant display of bloody inercourse reminds the "sophisticated" audience that, we are just sacks of meat.  After this experience, the audience will toil over the idea of killing. How does it feel to take a life?

Statement of Intent

I want to scare the audience in multiple ways.  Easiest way to achieve this is by creating the fear of bodily harm with the giant knives.  This work is also a deep dive into the mind of murderer, a serial killer nonetheless. The audience will also fear themselves.  After my research into Nature Vs. Nurture, I have found that we don't know how it’s done. Is murder taught? Or are we born to kill?


Status is a social commentary on the wealth gap and a growing poverty.  This dance gets dirty,  representing the lower class, the performer never stands erect.  We look down on the dancer like the rich gazing to the vile below them. The vocabulary is a combination of animal studies and attempts to create full body movements.  Representing attitudes towards the homeless as subhuman creatures, this work embodies worms, dogs, and rats.   People choose to dehumanize others because it becomes easier to not feel empathy. Not only do we see labored and exhausting movements,  we also see a man who is not held down but is prevented to get up. (Sad Fact: the majority of the homeless population are men.)


The dance Flowers was created to be beautiful. Flowers themselves, are a natural beauty to behold. Similar to natural beauties, this dance is about getting high on illicit substances. Drugs are to be used responsibly and with that in mind, this dance shows the joys of drugs. Recreational drug use has a stigma in our culture that is slowly shifting. “Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out” the words of Timothy Leary echoes from the past as we explore the trippy future. Watch with caution. This dance advocates drug use… responsibly.


Newsfasting was made before the Donald Trump presidency and warns the public of misleading information coming from major news organizations. It’s now called fake news.


CBGB is the birth place of PUNK and HARDCORE in NYC. It is now a high end fashion store… LAME. The work is a epilogue of a scared space for misfits and punks alike. The movement research is MOSH dance. Mosh dance is a codified movement for over 30 years and differs from region to region and has traveled all over the world. This secret language, acquired in mosh pits, is an homage to the underground scene of punk and hardcore.