Supreme Court RULES!! on free speech

If you are like many Americans, reading long legal jargon seems like torture; but boy do I have something fun for you. In a recent filing of the 2019 the Supreme Court, the courts sided with “FUCT” clothing lines. They were brought to court for their “immoral and scandalous” T-shirt trademark FUCT. This is all due to the Lanham Act of 1905 with prohibits nasty trademarks. But now, the terms “immoral and scandalous” are being redefined and profanity will be more prevalent in the future

In this decision you will also find phrases like BONG HITS FOR JESUS and YOU CAN”T SPELL HEALTHCARE WITHOUT THC.

Iancu v. Brunetti

PLEASE!!!! Scan through this ACTUAL, REAL, NOT-FAKE Supreme court decision

Emily Wolfe